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Tool- eLP Series : Thermoforming Mould

Form-eLP pressure formers are exceptionally sturdy, robust, and spacious and maintenance free machines. Form-eLP is energy efficient and least vibrating pressure formers with optimally designed forming station.

"Innovative in finding the right technologies"

Being innovative is company policy at ELPIE. We want to push boundaries and discover new methods and new solutions. In search of the ultimate input-output situation and to supply you with the latest techniques, ELPIE invests considerably in research and development. Why? Because we truly believe that innovation makes all the difference, for you and for us.

  • Quick Change Systems
    [1] Plug assists / form inserts / basics
    [2] Save time
    [3] Change in mounted mould
  • Form Air Technology
    [1] Saves air
    [2] Better material distribution
    [3] Higher output
  • Heat Conduction Technology
    [1] Superb heat conductor
    [2] Maximum cool control
    [3] Optimized temperature balance
We have experience with the following materials: PP, PET, PS, PE, PVC, Multi-layers, Mineral filled material and Bio material for various under mentioned applications.

  • Cups
Drinking cups, yoghurt cups, water cups, souffle cups and more.
  • Lids
Flat lids, dome lids, lids with holes and cross-cuts, and more.
  • Trays
MAP trays, meat trays, salad trays, clamp shells and more.

"ELPIE tooling is constructed for:"

"Innovative Technology for greater cost effectiveness"

  • Reliability
Long-term experience and utilization of high quality materials ensure you can count on a reliable, durable tool
  • High Output
High output is achieved by maximum cool capacity in combination with the right form air technology.
  • Material saving
The tools are constructed with a tool layout for minimum scrap. Save material by down gauging, because of an optimal material distribution.
  • Flexibility
Several quick change systems keep your change-over time as short as possible.

  • Yuken
  • ABB
  • Banfiglioli
  • Hitachi
  • Siemens
  • Rexroth
  • rotomotive
  • SMC
  • Omron